On October  9th at 11:00, The LRC, in collaboration with the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the Bolivian Space Agency,
In the frame of the Colloquiums organized by the Vice-Rectorate for Research, the director of the LRC , Dr. Gustavo
On September 16th, the LRC organizes the webinar "Importance of the technology “Small Communications Satellites”: Background, Innovation and Applications". The
The Universidad Nacional Tecnológica de Lima Sur (UNTELS) invited Dr. Gustavo Siles, Director of the LRC, to give a lecture 
Dr. Gustavo Siles, co-hosted the first online roundtable ""Satellite communications as a support during the COVID-19 crisis", in collaboration with
The Director of the LRC was invited to the online seminar "Technological sovereignty in Bolivia", organized by the Foundation,
The online talk "Myths and Truths on 5G", toke place on May 18th, organized by the Student Society of UPB
As part of the "Satellite Communications" course, on February 28th, students and the instructor, Dr. Gustavo Siles, visited the Amachuma
El Laboratorio de Radiocomunicaciones (LRC) de la UPB completó a fines de noviembre la instalación de los sensores de temperatura
En fecha 15 de octubre de 2019 se realizó la defensa del TFG titulado "Rediseño de red inalámbrica Wi-Fi en